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Serving the electronics industry around the globe

Already serving: USA|Canada|UK|Italy|South Africa|Austrailia|Isreal|Portugal|Hungary|Germany

NANDoff is a flat rate data recovery service run by Mark Greenwood Jnr (KuttingEdge).

Based in the UK, the top solution provider in ACELab`s Global Solution Centre.    HERE



At NANDoff we serve the electronics industry around the globe 24/7. Using high speed global logistics and remote assistance, NANDoff is on your doorstep.


Fast, Confidential, Transparent and Economical with 26 Years of microelectronics experience NANDoff is the perfect solution for Data Recovery companies wanting to offer FLASH and SSD based data recovery services, saving the cost of a specialist engineer and maximizing your profits.



Have all the gear and no idea..?

NANDoff also offers remote chips-off flash recovery. <--See affiliate list for prices


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